DFCU Annual Report 2019 | Message to Members
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Last year’s challenges gave all of us at Dort Financial Credit Union a renewed passion for providing essential financial services to our members and the communities we serve. Our members required prompt access to their financial resources and desired to feel secure in a world that suddenly changed. It was Dort Financial’s mission to continue offering extraordinary service, despite the trials that challenged each of us during a time that left many feeling uncertain and fragile.

Our team members became everyday heroes, delivering essential services while having to cope with uncertainty in their own lives. They were patient and kind, offering a listening ear to members worried about their futures. Our heroes provided assistance and assurance that we were going to get through this pandemic together. The Dort team aided our members with loan extensions and payment solutions that provided peace of mind — seeking to deliver help to people in need. They responded with dignity, and our members replied with patience and understanding, for which we are forever grateful.

As we navigated the uncharted waters of 2020, we worked tirelessly assisting members with the use of a variety of innovative technology solutions to access our products and services. We guided a record number of members to adopt convenient digital tools like our online banking and mobile apps. We stayed open throughout the pandemic by maintaining personal member service access through virtual tellers, extended drive-thru hours and answering the greatest volume of phone inquiries in our history!

Unmistakably, 2020 was a year like no other. It reshaped our lives, our economy and our futures. We found ourselves on the front lines battling a global challenge as we stepped up to face uncertainty with determination and a commitment to serving our members. As we look forward to the day that we put this pandemic behind us, we will continue providing world-class financial services that add value to our members’ lives — making our communities a safer, stronger and better place to work, live and play.

We’re looking forward to the future and humbly thank our members for the trust they place in us, the entire Dort team and our dedicated Board of Directors.

Vicki Hawkins

Harry Awdish
1959 – 2020

Harry Awdish’s accomplishments as chairman of Dort Financial Credit Union were surpassed only by his passionate commitment to the credit union during his 29-year tenure. He worked tirelessly to represent our membership and fulfill his obligations as director and board chairman. He will be missed greatly by his beloved family, his colleagues whom he admired and respected, his friends, and all in the credit union industry.

In addition to serving as chairman of the board, Harry served in several different capacities, beginning in 1991 as a credit union volunteer. He was named Volunteer of the Year by the Combined Council of Automotive Credit Unions in 2008. Harry’s legacy will live on, as the credit union remains committed to his conservative, consistent, member-focused philosophy and honors his passionate drive to build Dort Financial as a strong and successful credit union.